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Tired of being bombarded with tons of useless information that you can't make head or tail out of? Life as a beginner new to internet marketing is certainly tough - but there is a way to simplify it all and put yourself on the fast track to success!

All that you need to do with the products below is copy and paste from tried and tested systems that have been proven to work again and again! These systems are practically cash magnets, and will provide you with the blueprint and every single ingredient that you could possibly need to succeed - so all you need to do is literally copy and paste to get yourself started and heading in the right direction!

5 stars

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Features: 5 stars
5 stars

Copy Paste Systems

Within the 'copy and paste' genre of internet marketing products, Copy Paste Systems has become somewhat of a sensation ever since its launch. Considering the highly competitive nature of this niche, that is certainly saying something. However what you should be far more interested in is whether or not the Copy Paste Systems method lives up to all its hype.

On a surface level, this product provides what you would expect - a complete set of specific tools, instructions, and ingredients that should enable you to make a killing online. Needless to say, this describes 99.99% of the other products in this genre too and so it isn't exactly 'eye popping' to say the least!

What makes the Copy Paste Systems so different from practically all of its rivals however are the methods that it uses. Unlike the standard template-driven websites, Copy Paste Systems puts 4 different systems of marketing on the table, each fully equipped with everything that you will ever need to turn a profit, ranging from advertisements, templates, and specific CPA offers that can sometimes make up to $70 a pop.

Right from the get go, you'll see just how comprehensive the Copy Paste Systems method is. Its very first system uses Facebook as a platform for advertising various products and services. In fact, even within this one system alone there are six campaigns that you could carry out - each with its own set of ingredients, including tried and tested advertisements, as well as video walkthroughs that teach you exactly how to use them.

All of the other 3 systems that are part and parcel of Copy Paste Systems follow a similar approach. In no small way, the beauty of this product lies in the fact that many of the systems (and the campaigns they contain) target 'hot' current topics. Cashing in on the hyped up hot trends has really never been easier or more effective, especially not for beginners!

One of the common criticisms leveled at products within this genre is the fact that they're so 'cookie cutter' based, and the more popular ones (such as Copy Paste Systems!) end up with thousands of people using the same ingredients. Copy Paste systems answers this by providing a diverse range of campaigns, and also teaching its members how to tweak them to be unique and achieve even greater results.

Truthfully, the biggest downside of Copy Paste Systems is that much of it is based on Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. Although the system itself is very much beginner oriented and friendly, PPC advertising does have a steep learning curve that might be troublesome for beginners who wish to branch off and adapt the systems in use for their own needs.

Bottom line - If you're looking for a product that will give you all the necessary ingredients to start making money almost immediately, there is nothing out there that even comes close to Copy Paste Systems. Add this to the fact that it is currently only $77, and comes with a 6 month 'test-drive' period... there really is no sane reason not to give it a go.

By tapping into 'hot' trends, and giving you everything you need to emulate the success of more experienced marketers, it is arms and legs above all its competition.

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Features: 5 stars
5 stars

Whitehat Copycat Money Making Club

Compared to the other 'copy and paste' systems out there it may appear at first glance as if the Whitehat Copycat System is the red headed stepchild, so to speak. First impressions are very often wrong however, and there is a very good reason why this particular product has become so incredibly popular amongst beginners!

As opposed to other 'copy and paste' products that appear mystifying and confusing to newcomers, the Whitehat Copycat System is really very simple and based on a time-tested theory. In a nutshell, it gives you absolutely all the key components that you'll need to set up what it terms as 'copycat sites', which are really just mini sites offering free product downloads.

By tapping into the tremendous amount of interest that is generated by anything and everything 'free', these copycat sites are then used to promote various other products and CPA offers!

Needless to say, the theory behind the Whitehat Copycat System is incredibly sound. What's more, the system itself guides even the greenest newbie through the precise details of what they need to know through a series of 7 'blueprints', each of which targeting a particular area that requires attention.

From first to last, these blueprints will deal with everything you need to know about the system itself, the highly profitable niches that you're going to target, the products that you're going to be promoting, as well as a step-by-step reveal as to how you can set up the copycat sites themselves and get traffic flowing to them.

With ample templates and tools provided, you'll find that putting this system into action is really incredibly simple. Everything else you might need - from keywords to advertisement placement is provided too, making it truly a plug-and-play system of few peers.

Granted, no system is perfect and despite its appeal the Whitehat Copycat System's main flaw lies in the fact that it will take some time before you can expect to be making thousands and tens of thousands of dollars. With this system, each copycat site you set up acts as its very own income stream, and so the amount that you earn is largely going to depend on how many sites you're willing to set up!

On top of that, due to the fact that traffic generation primarily organic (i.e. through search engines), it could take some time before the copycat sites are ranked properly and start to pull in the type of traffic figures that will earn you the big bucks. That said, in the long run the search engine optimization that you carry out will guarantee you a stable traffic source, and save you having to spend a truckload on advertising.

Priced at only $47, the Whitehat Copycat System is certainly affordable, and it will definitely live up to expectations - provided you put in the effort, and are willing to be patient while waiting for those efforts to bear fruit.

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Features: 5 stars
5 stars

CB Pirate

From the very first glance in the CB Pirate's direction, you're bound to be impressed. With its glitzy and graphic-heavy appearance, the CB Pirate certainly does have the looks of a professional product that has had a lot of effort put into it. While this may be the case, a small part of you is bound to be worried that its glam-coated exterior is just there to hide the fact that the product itself isn't as good as it seems.

Although beauty is skin deep, the truth is that the CB Pirate isn't just a hype magnet - it is the real deal.

If you were to buy the CB Pirate right now, it would take you a few minutes of browsing through the member's area to figure out exactly how it works. Basically its key strength lies in the fact that it concentrates on a very specific type of marketing in order to make sales on behalf of its members - email marketing!

For those who aren't acquainted with email marketing, what you're going to be doing is capturing the email addresses of prospects and then automatically sending them a series of emails in order to advertise various products. As you would expect, the CB Pirate will provide you with all the tools that you need to do so, but most notable of all is the fact that this system will automatically generate high converting squeeze pages that come with a video included, and a free report as an incentive.

In short, you're not even going to have to own or set up your own website or even hosting service (as most other copy and paste systems require!) but rather, you'll have one made for you immediately, without having to pay for web space, a domain name, and so on.

Mind you, even if your prospects do not purchase the initial offer, they will continue to receive emails automatically via the CB Pirate's system. And even if a purchase is made months down the line, you will get credit for it and earn the appropriate commission - making the earning potential of the CB Pirate a lot larger than most other copy and paste systems.

At the end of the day, the system used by CB Pirate is what advanced affiliate marketers all tend to use. Normally this system is way too complicated for beginners, as it requires you to know how to set up squeeze pages, create free reports, use autoresponders, and even drive traffic to your squeeze pages - but in this case most of that is taken care of for you.

All said and done, the only downside of the CB Pirate system is that traffic generation is largely in your hands. Sure, it provides you with everything you might need - from articles to emails, as well as an assortment of banner advertisements and Twitter posts. However, it is up to you to put those ingredients to use, and there is nothing to guide you through what works and what doesn't when it comes to generating traffic.

Furthermore, another slight disadvantage is that you're going to be limited to promoting the products that are part and parcel of the CB Pirate system only.

Despite these disadvantages, the CB Pirate is certainly one of the easiest and most comprehensive systems out there. For a complete beginner with very little past experience with online marketing and the internet in general, this could be the best 'copy and paste' system out there.

At only $67, it really is a steal!

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